Over 15 years experience
looking to the future.

Target China is a company that has been in business since 2005, established at the dawn of China’s exponential growth in the global economy.

In over 15 years of experience we have extended our skills day after day, learning from mistakes and directly experiencing the challenges and difficulties that an international company must overcome in the country of the dragon.
In these 15 years we have managed hundreds of successful projects, ranging from strategic consulting to trade to production, from the mechanical industry to many other sectors, becoming today a privileged partner for all those realities that want to take advantage of the enormous commercial and productive advantages offered by the Chinese market.

Luigi Blasi.
Our pioneer.

In 2003, as project leader of an international company in the manufacturing industry, Luigi Blasi left for China with the task of opening a production plant. During that experience he realized the incredible opportunities that the country offers in terms of business and in 2005 he decided to set up his own business founding TargetChina.
Its mission: to support international companies to seize the opportunities offered by this extraordinary country. No longer just “the production of the world” but a key player in the economy of the near future also thanks to the benefits of the Belt and Road Initiative.