At your company’s side to open the doors to a new world.

As in any foreign country, building solid and reliable commercial and industrial relationships takes time and significant resources. Even more so in China where there are significant language and cultural barriers. Walls and doors that Target China has already surpassed in over 15 years of experience in the area, to offer you many advanced services.



Research, negotiate, ship. We identify the ideal supplier, check the quality of the goods, negotiate the best price and take care of every aspect until delivery to the warehouse. As well as supporting the customer in exporting products to the Chinese market.

Do you want to import products, solutions and components from China to Italy at the most convenient cost? For you, we can select the most reliable suppliers and the best quality / price ratio negotiating the best rates and conditions . Moreover, thanks to our operative office in Beijing, we can carry out technical checks on the goods, verify the packaging, manage the shipping contracts and any problem directly on the territory.

Are you looking for a reliable partner to evaluate local companies and suppliers? We at TargetChina can make a detailed analysis of the realities that follow your production, verify the respect of a contract, check the quality of certain processes and select possible alternative suppliers through preliminary audits. A world of services aimed at protecting the interests of your company.

Do you want to export your high quality products to China? In China there is a rapidly growing middle class and a large audience of wealthy people in love with Italian design, our excellent cuisine and in general the luxury made in Italy. With a solid understanding of the Chinese market, we can assess the potential of your business and help you identify the right channels to reach your customer niche.

Do you want to expand your business in China by creating a dedicated sales network? Thanks to our contacts on the territory we can promote partnerships and commercial agreements, selecting the most suitable sales talents for your business and forming an agile and structured commercial network, able to sell your product effectively in China.



We are an informative and strategic reference point for the promotion of joint ventures and manufacturing, commercial and industrial collaboration agreements, with extensive experience in solving legal, tax, customs and financial issues.

Do you want to open an operative base in China? Today the easiest and cheapest way for a foreign company to enter the Chinese market is to open a Representative Office, with which to collect commercial information, monitor the market, conduct negotiations and many other functions that go beyond the normal import/export relationship. We can support you in the administrative process, in the search for ideal human resources as well as in business orientation and in the selection of partner companies.

Are you starting to operate in the Chinese market and want to protect your products and brands from plagiarism and fraudulent reproductions?

Just like all industrialized countries, the Chinese government protects copyrights and intellectual property. We are familiar with the legislation and can help you register your trademark and patent at the appropriate offices and accompany you through the entire bureaucratic process.

Do you want to enter China with one of your products but you don’t know if it will have real chances of success? Together with us, you can understand the real needs of the market, outline the scenarios, evaluate the competition and study the most correct positioning. An analysis that gives you greater awareness of various business opportunities, to define one effective development strategy and investing time and money in targeted actions.

Do you plan to attend a trade show or industry event in China? Thanks to our local contacts, we are able to support you in selecting the most interesting event for your business, Book a space, set it up and help you maximize your visit in terms of deals and business contacts. But we can also organize an ad hoc event to present your products to potential customers.

Do you want to translate your materials into Chinese or need an interpreter for your business trips to China? Thanks to our long experience in the country, we have identified the best people to support you in every linguistic aspect, negotiating highly competitive costs. Together with us, you can count on a team of professional native speakers with professional qualifications in the commercial, financial, technical and legal fields.